Cad / Cam Programming

Brado uses the latest Cad / Cam software to generate

complex tool paths as well as general machining

programs. You can E-mail your Cad Files in virtually any format.


All manufacturing at Brado is done in house to ensure proper control of the product being build. Brado is committed to a policy that has been built upon its 27-year reputation on providing consistent, high quality specialty parts and equipment to your exact specifications

CWB Certified Welding

We provide our customers with a full range of precision welding capabilities. Our goal is to deliver a quality finished product according to the specifications, on time. Our cost efficient and leading edge precision welding technologies allow us to stay highly competative.

Machine Capabilities

-CNC lathes up to 72" in dia.
-Manual lathes turning up to 36" in dia & over 20 ft. in length.
-Horizontal CNC boring mill applications up to 78" X 71".
-CNC Machine Center 36" X 84"